About Ipsativ_

Ipsativ_ is the result of an evolution that started in 2006. In 1999, I launched a career helping others buy and sell real estate. In 2002, I joined with a partner to form a two-person team and, by 2004, needed to hire a full-time assistant. We had reached a production level that was performing in the top 10% of our market. In 2006, I was made aware of the KOLBE™ A assessment and insisted that we complete it. What followed was nothing short of amazing. After the results were analyzed, actions were taken.

The team began by itemizing all the tasks necessary from lead generation to closing and reassigned tasks according to our instinctive behaviors. The results were phenomenal. Chronic problems disappeared; what we thought were interpersonal issues were quickly redefined to be because of our instinctive behaviors; communications within the team were improved, as the left hand always knew what the right hand was doing. Within two years, our team moved up to the top 2% in the market and remained there until 2018, when the group dissolved.

Before my real estate career, I’ve had other professions that encompass a variety of skills —Business owner, Kansas State Supreme Court-approved mediator, EPA trainer, real estate broker and trainer. I am currently a Certified KOLBE™ Consultant and a licensed real estate Broker in the state of Kansas. I’ve been a Kansan my entire life. 

What Ipastiv_ can bring to you is a rich diversity of experience, knowledge and wisdom combined with the KOLBE™ assessments, to help maximize your current human assets and fuel your success with future endeavors.


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