How do your services differ from business consulting?

I don’t know that they do or don’t. My focus is on the human behavioral aspects of your business or organization. For many businesses, their largest investment is work force compensation. My efforts focus on maximizing the talent you already have in place. We also explore reorganization, retention, and making effective new hires.

How long does the process take?

Much depends on the size of the company. I suggest that you start with a spectrum of your business. Include all departments and aspects of the organization and assess the initial results. That will give us a good idea of whether or not to proceed.

What does your consultation entail? / What should I expect once I hire you?

Before anything happens, we have a conversation to determine if I can help you. If we decide to go forward, I interview those in the test group to gather information about job satisfaction, history, longevity with the organization, and future aspirations. If you decide to retain me, I will focus my efforts on assessing two greatly overlooked elements: Emotional intelligence and instinctive behaviors.

What problems does your kind of consulting solve?

It’s all about aligning talent with the task. Everybody is good at something. The question is do you have the right person in the right position? You might be trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

I’m concerned about travel (COVID) / travel costs - How much? How do you calculate it?

I share your concerns! I will travel, but only to places that follow strict CDC protocols. I do charge for my travel time. All other travel costs are at the actual costs. I don’t drive in areas that I’m not knowledgeable about. Air, ground, and all other travel are charged by actual costs.

Do you have a fixed price, or do you charge by time? / How much does this process cost?

After the scope of work is agreed upon, you will be delivered a firm fixed price for my services. This will only change by mutual agreement in writing.

What kind of industries do you specialize it?

My work is not confined to any specific industry. What I do can apply to any business or organization. Anywhere the objectives rely on the performance of others within the group.

How do you deal with clients outside of your local area?

The same way I deal with clients within my area. Technology has greatly reduced the reliance on nearby geography. It’s the information that’s important, not the proximity.

I could just hire a data scientist, right? How are you different?

You could need a data scientist. I’m not the correct person to make that call. However, your business is not composed of just data. It functions because of the people you place in various positions within the organization. And they are more complex than data points. You either know them or you don’t.

How is the KOLBE A™ useful for my business?

That’s a chess question! Unfortunately, in this space, I can only give you a checkers answer. The objective of Ipsativ_ is to match up your current workforce with the talent you already have, increase job satisfaction, thereby increasing the productivity of the organization.

Can people just “mess with the test” to manipulate the outcomes? How do you prevent that?

Yes, but the algorithms built into the A assessment will catch them. When the A assessment is completed, there are only three possible outcomes. A valid score results, there are inconstancies with the responses (as in trying to outsmart the assessment), or the subject is in a state of “transition”. Transition occurs when someone has had a recent trauma. Like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, divorce, etc. This could cause someone to act outside of their instinctive self.

Will every single employee in the company take the test?

Not necessarily, although, in some cases, it could be a good move to do that. In other situations, maybe not. It depends on what you decide. For example, if there is a high turnover of employees, perhaps you would not see the value of including that population. You likely have a core group of management and staff that would certainly benefit from going through the process.

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