There are two basic types of business models, vertical and horizontal. The vertical business has the ability to manage and dictate the actions of its workforce. What the boss says goes. A horizontal business is typically a broker/owner of the organization and staff with a workforce comprised of people that are independent contractors and not employees. I have worked with both models. The fundamentals are the same, there’s what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s missing.

I generate the data that I use through the KOLBE™ assessments, along with interviews with the people in the target group. Once I know who I’m working with and what the objectives are, it becomes easier to chart the course to achievement. I don’t waste time and resources poring over industry standards or benchmarks. You already know that better than I ever will. By using the data that I generate, we will be equipped to construct a plan for what you want to accomplish.  

I provide services for the alignment of management, staff development, and generate buy-in from employees/agents. It’s best to work from the top down, instead of the other direction.


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